Mark Stafford

Publishing Info:
UK, place and date unknown
140mm x 145mm, 36 pages, saddle-stitched.
Black & white printing with green and balck cover

black & white cyclic narrative without text that charts the tale of a beggar who collects enough money to buy a boat, but things don't work out well.
"the comic was an extension of a piece I did for the first of the ICA Comica events, there was an entire wall of intersecting comicstrips, running from a spine story by Tom Gauld (now with the Guardian,) my strip intersected with a Gary Northfield (now with the Beano)...My story is mostly either read as pretty damn depressing, or a paen to the indomitability of the human spirit. My friends just think it was an excuse to draw a sea monster."  Mark Strafford

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