Future Fantasteek! Issue Four

Future Fantasteek! Issue Four
Jackie Batey, Damp Flat Books

Publishing Info:
Brighton UK, 2008, edition of 50
A5, 20 pages, saddle-stitched.
Black & white laser printed on colour papers, day-glo orange cover.

The Sick-O Issue
"The Damp Flat Research team are wondering why eveyone's so sick lately. They are also quickly investing, on-the-side, in the pharmaceutical industry. What with Norovirus and advice on how to take a 'sickie' there seems to be no healthy folk left. This issue also includes how to spot whether you have ended-up working for the Departement of Stupidity and the right way to wash your hands. I would write more, but I'm feeling off-colour and need to lay down... "

Link to Personal Website: www.futurefantasteek.blogspot.com