Mexico Souvenir Program

Mexico Souvenir Program

Publishing Info:
Published by Le Dernier Cri Collective, Maseille, France, 2004, edition of 450.
A5, 36 pages.
Silkscreened cover, interior pages full-colour offset

Bizarre comic that interweaves mexican wrestling posters with spoof medical advertisments. Images mix collages of toys and dolls with lettering and drawings. Rather dark in tone although very colourful in appearance. 
Le Dernier Cri Collective
French publisher specialising in rather disturbing serigraphs and comics with a very low print run. Based in Marseilles, Bolino and Sury run a silkscreening studio from which they’ve produced, through painstaking handmade effort, a decade’s worth of books, comics, monographs, print-medium objets d’art and their flagship magazine Hopital Brut. “Our main aim is to help expose artists from the margins, whether they’re in contemporary art or comics.”

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