Node Pajomo
Uncredited author

Publishing Info:
Bellingham, Washington, USA 2010 plus issues up to 2014
A6, 24 pages, saddle-stitched.
Xerox collaged text and inserted slips of paper

"24 quarter sized pages of xerographic glory! Backgrounds that baffle and amaze!Mailart project listings from over the world! including favorites like FRANCE and CALIFORNIA!) Tape traders wanting to share their music collections with YOU!"
This zine lists mailart projects around the world that people can get involved with, it promotes mail over internet.

Zineopolis also has a number of issues in various sizes up to 2014. The information is current so the most recent issue may be the most useful in terms of projects and availability of items.

Contact: POB 2632 Bellingham Washington 98227.2632 USA

Issue No.15 from 2013