Phlegm Comic No.7

Phlegm Comic No.7

Publishing Info:
Sheffield, UK 2008
A4 folded to A5, 12 pages, saddle-stitched.
Black and white photocopy with coloured paper cover.

Drawn so that the comic is held vertially when read, the dense black and white pen and ink illustrations contain fake advertisements and socal comment.

Following excerpt from Phlegm's website...
The name phlegm came from one of the four bodily humours in ancient Greek medicine, blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament. The comic's ethos has always been to give a moments relief from everyday drudgery and apathy, and give you something to think about...The comic contains my pen and ink illustrations, cartoons, and spraypaint work found in the streets. The work is intricate, often surreal, but most of the time it looks like a mad person has been locked in a room for years with no company but a bottle of Indian ink and a scratchy nib….because that's precisely what it is.

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