Prakalpana Literature No.23

Prakalpana Literature No.23
Bangla-English Bilingual
Vattacharja Chandan

Publishing Info: 
Kolkata, India 2008
A5, 76 pages, saddle-stitched.
Black and white commercial printing with colour cover.

An independent small press poetry review - Poetry magazine that has examples of concrete poetry, short stories and texts. There are a few illustrations. The text is in two languages, Bangla-English."Prakalpana" is a new form of literature and art composed of: P for Prose, Poetry, graPhics + R for for stoRy + A for Art, essAy + K for Kinema + L for noveL, cuLture, pLay + N for soNg, as derived by Vattacharja Chandan. The word 'prakalpana' means proper imagination.

"Prakalpana is a mixture of forms from literature and art, encompassing as much of the wider scope of culture as it can. THE QUESTION RAIN answers use a form of words that commingle or create new compounds. For example, big and ignorance becomes bignorance."

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