Portsmouth Artists and Illustrators, (Edited by) David G Kirby, Mike Cooter and Nick Hay.
1998 Portsmouth UK.

Publishing Info: 
Portsmouth UK, 1998
90mm x 140mm, 32 pages, saddle-stitched.
Screenprint and commercial printing in black and orange.

Set out in the form of a manifesto, this represents the work of 14 Portsmouth artists and illustrators; Andrew Adams; Natalie Adams; Melanine C Bennet; Sam Chivers; Mike Cooter; Nick Hay; Richard Jackson; David G Kirby; Jon P Mitchell; Simon Ottoway; Daniel Palmer; Fiona Partners; Rob Rainbow; Melanie Smith. Each artist has a double-page spread.

Link to Personal Website - Nicola Hay: http://www.imageastherapy.co.uk/