Vain Issue 2

Vain Issue 2
Tia Orian (Executive editor), Zachary Goehner (Art Director)

Publishing Info:
Seattle, WA, USA, 2008
A5, 46 pages, saddle-stitched.
Colour laser printing.

Colour zine based on submissions from artists, writers and poets. Social anecdotes, music comentary, poems, short stories and artwork mix well in a well-produced and often melacholy and dreamlike, small format magazine.

"Vain Magazine is a quarterly publication that combines the innocence of art with the modernity of the world. Established by artists to provide art-enthusiasts of all kinds with a new form of collaborative art, Vain connects and combines writing, visuals, and music to immerse its readers in beauty."
Quote from Vain Website, April 2008

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