Dead End Jobs

Dead End Jobs
By Emily Neale; Kieren Duffet; Michelle Kettel; RJ James; Emma Nicol; Jayde Boulton;
Helousie Banks; Mike Durell

Publishing Info:
Portsmouth, UK, 2012
20cm x 20cm zine, edition of 5
Screen printed in black and red.
Comes with a mini-version in and envelope with job survival kit. 

A collaborative zine that is elegant in appearance and beautifully produced. The large format is unusual and would probably sit fairly well in an artists’ book collection as well as a zine one. The dot monotone aesthetic is very eye-catching throughout and helps to unify all the different artistic styles, it even has patterned end papers. The little kit in brown envelope is fun addition and it’s great to see the group of artists have experimented with making a smaller cheaper version in addition to the large zine. Created as a group project for the Zines Unit, Illustration BA(HONS) Course at the University of Portsmouth 2012.

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