Future Fantasteek! Issue Nine

Future Fantasteek! Issue Nine
Jackie Batey, Damp Flat Books

Publishing Info:
Softback Zine printed in colour on cream, yellow and white tinted papers, staple bound.
A5 size containing 16 printed pages. Red translucent cover with small gold 'get-out-of-jail-free card insert. Issue Nine: Brighton 2010, edition size of fifty.

Deepwater Horizon Issue
What’s happened recently then?.... The Damp Research team have studiously tackled the issues that we all think about - such as do you waste more time on Facebook or Twitter, and what’s the point of it all when your closest friends are only ‘virtual’ and can’t even buy you a beer and crisps? In the current economic climate all the Damp Staff have been promptly sacked and the company has been sold to blinkin’ foreigners. They’ve hired some child labour to do the work at a fraction of the price, which means it’s much better this time around since the kids are better at drawing.We’ve kept all our middle-managers though, since they are better at designing nice colourful forms in Excel.So, it seems the world is REALLY going-down-the-pan as we speak, but at least your hair will look pretty and the Botox will smooth over your anxious brow as you glance with alarm into oblivion. Time for a cuppa-T love?
Link to Personal Website: www.futurefantasteek.blogspot.com