Editors: Sandra Aguilar and Lauren Watson

Publishing Info:
Brighton UK, 2012.
Edition of 60
3 concertinas held together with belly band, colour screen printing.
Produced by students on the MA Sequential Illustration course at the University of Brighton.

This beautifully produced concertina zine is the result of a collaboration between 28 MA students.

"We have been screen printing since the course started, and really enjoyed it.
After a few other sit-downs and emails we came up with 'THIEVES'. Our mission was to create a concertina using everyone's artwork made with the subject 'thieves' in mind (the only brief we specified was the size of the artwork and that it was in one/two colours. You can see all the steps we took till final piece if you go to Lauren's Blog:

We handprinted 60 of them, 28 for each artist who participated and another 30 to sell at the final exhibition show. We also entered an LMNOP competition and we were shortlisted."

Sandra Aguilar and Lauren Watson's photograph
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