The Outreach Team at Gallery 44

Publishing Info:
Toronto, Canada 2013
40 pages approx. many small and half sized.
Black and white photocopy with soft cover.

Aspirational photographic collage zine in black and white with typewriter text.

"OUTREACH is our award-winning education program designed specifically for under-served youth, using photography as a medium of creative self-expression. OUTREACH breaks down barriers to the arts and encourages youth to develop their creative voice and understand the power of the photographic image. Through OUTREACH, Gallery 44 works in collaboration with five community organizations to offer black and white photography workshops to over 50 young people in the G.T.A. The workshops have a different thematic focus each year, which guides the youth from concept, through to production and exhibition at Gallery 44." From Gallery44 website.

Link to website: http://www.gallery44.org/
Outreach: http://www.gallery44.org/outreach2013