Not My Small Diary No.14 pt.1

Not My Small Diary No.14 pt.1
Delaine Derry Green

Publishing Info:
Birmingham, Al, USA 2008
A5 black and white printing.
68 pages with orange colour card cover, with folding magenta image on front.

53 contributors to a collection of excerpts from drawn visual diaries this issue is themed around 'dating'.

"Delaine started writing and illustrating autobiographical comics under the name ‘My Small Diary’ in 1993. There have been three 'My Small Diary' collections released to date. A book collecting these three volumes as well as unreleased work is set to be published in late 2011. ‘Not My Small Diary’, a compilation of small press artists' auto-bio comics, edited by Delaine, was first released in 1996 as an offshoot of her own auto-bio comic." From website.

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