White Fungus - issue 11

White Fungus - issue 11
By Ron and Mark Hanson

Publishing Info:
Taichung City, Taiwan, 2010
17cm x 24cm, 128 pages, saddle-stitched binding
Commercial printing.

"White Fungus is an art magazine based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Founded by brothers Ron and Mark Hanson in Wellington, in 2004, as a quasi political manifesto, copies of the first issue were produced on a photocopier, wrapped in Christmas paper and hurled anonymously through the entrances of businesses throughout the city. Now a magazine featuring interviews, writing on art, new music, history and politics, White Fungus takes a dialogical approach to the work it covers. The name of the publication comes from a can of “white fungus” the Hansons found in their local supermarket in the industrial zone of Taichung City. Each cover of White Fungus is derived from a scan of the can."
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Link to Website: http://whitefungus.com/