Al Pinocchio

Al Pinocchio
Charlie Kalsi

Publishing Info:
Portsmouth, UK 2009.
A4 saddle-stitched 40 pages.
Black and white laser copy.

Story of Pinocchio-style character who struggles with drugs, wordless visual narrative.

"My business is about using creative techniques relevant to young people to address some of society’s most difficult issues. These often get hidden away, or are not tackled in a way that young people can identify with. My aim is to help young people understand how serious theses issues can be, not just for themselves but also for the community that they live in. Through my experiences, I have learned that young people respond to visual communication, and this method has the power to attract and retain their attention, especially with young people with disadvantaged backgrounds, who have short concentration spans or have a troubled history in the mainstream school environment."
Personal statement from Linked-In profile.