Outside the Box Play Guide

Outside the Box Play Guide

Publishing Info:
A6 saddle-stitched zine.
20 pages including cover colour on white heavyweight paper.

A 'play guide' to accompany 9 illustrated cubes (not included). The book details ways that the cube can inspire children's games and imagination. The cubes can be downloaded for free here: http://bookleteer.com/collection.html?id=23 
They should be printed, cut out then folded. This is a great game for children that's interactive and can be reused.

The books are published by 'The Periodical' whose mission statement is as follows:
The Periodical is publishing re-imagined as public authoring – anyone can take part simply by making and sharing a book. It is inspired by 17th Century pamphleteering as much as by today's contemporary digital communications and continues our exploration of how we create and share new forms of 'Public Goods'.