How to Get Shit Done

How to Get Shit Done
DR Charlotte Cooper

Publishing Info:
London 2013
A5 saddle-stitched zine.
16 pages on off-white paper with slightly heavier cover.
(No images in this zine).

This zine is unusual in our collection since it only includes text. However, it's about getting things done, getting creative projects off the ground and how to avoid delaying and 'faffing' around. The zine is full of expletives used to emphasise action. The tone is humorous and there's some great advice about how to actually get work completed.

Excerpt from Charlotte's blog...
This is a zine for people who struggle to get shit done. It’s for the avoiders and procrastinators, the non-finishers, the inert, the moribund, and the people who dwell on fear and anxiety. By shit I mean DIY cultural work, but it can also mean the day-to-day stuff of life. I made this zine because I’ve been hearing a lot of conversations by people who struggle to get shit done. I am quite good at getting shit done, so I thought I’d share a little of what I know. The zine has 16 pages and a card cover. It’s written in a snappy, no-nonsense tone and features a fair bit of swearing. It’s a queer-punk self-help zine that critiques self-help culture and includes a broader political context. It contains the following:
Some things I’ve done recently
  • A discussion about what motivates people to do things and the difficulties of courting success
  • A consideration of the resources people may or may not have to do things
  • Three common obstacles to getting shit done (fear, time, discipline)
  • Helpful resources
  • A passage about the implications of archiving