That Ubiquitous One-Page Book

That Ubiquitous One-Page Book
Louise Librarian

Publishing Info:
USA 2016

Saddle stitched zine laser printed in black and white.
Blue card cover.
A5 portrait with 22 pages
Includes a mini-zine (foldy).

Description: "This issue is a tribute to my favorite structure for making artist's books and mini-zines: an eight-page book made fro a single sheet of paper. It goes by many names and has been written about in many places, hence its ubiquitous identitiy."
(from the introduction).

This zine celebrates the one page book including descriptions, instructions, research resources and bibliography. The included mini-zine is a foldy that includes instructions for making itself.
Louise Librarian teaches with artists' books and zines at the Shadek-Fackenthal Library at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA