Rasasvada No.12

Rasasvada No.12
Editors: Chris Drew and Jahni Delmonico.
Contributors: Chris Drew; Jahni Delmonico; Daniella McMichaels; Jeff Boyes; Trae Coker; Chris Bird.

Publishing Info:
A6 zine, Photocopied on white paper .
16 pages saddle-stitched.

Description: Small format black and white series of images by different artists.
"Rasasvada is loosely definable as bliss in the aesthetic experience. It is now also an art, idea, and micropublishing project. We publish (approximately) monthly art and poetry zines, small-batch book projects, and regular online content." Authors' website.

Link to website: http://rasasvada.net/index.php/zine/rasasvada/207-rasasvada-issue-12