Awkward Animal Vol.1 – party Animals

Awkward Animal Vol.1 – party Animals
By Sally Bufton: Emma Dinnage: Polly Frank: Chris Hunt: Richard Goddard: Amber Jefferson-Grant: Alex Meli

Publishing Info:
Portsmouth, UK, 2012
A5 portrait, edition of 8
Colour card cover, colour laser print inside

A satirical collaborative zine about Party Animals, which is entertaining and there are some real gems within, especially - a dog on the toilet; the house scene with lots of animals including giraffe and pug; aardvarks on drugs; the hen night and the cat looking in the mirror. The shared colour palette really unifies the whole and adds to the humorous tone. The images sit really well together and this is a real treat visually and sequentially. Created as a group project for the Zines Unit, Illustration BA(HONS) Course at the University of Portsmouth 2012.

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