By Amber Elliot; Gemma Foran; Harry Newbould; Daryl Lyall; Curtis Hylton; James Long; Jacob Myers.

Publishing Info:
Portsmouth, UK, 2012
A5 portrait, edition of 8
Colour card cover, colour laser print inside.

Produced with a variety of different coloured covers each with a luggage label. Themed around ‘Monsters’ there’s some fun pages within I particularly liked the black and white images (cellulose thinners) and the mini monster grids on brown paper. The ‘classic horror update’ pages did give a good sense of the horror genre with more culturally familiar characters.
Created as a group project for the Zines Unit, Illustration BA(HONS) Course at the University of Portsmouth 2012.

Link to personal website: individual artists listed on reverse of zine.