Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Ich Bin Ein Berliner
Matthew George

Publishing Info:
UK 2015
Saddle stitched zine in colour on white copy paper
Mini-zine 5cm x 7cm with 32 pages

"Introducing Ich bin ein Berliner! A radical new zine on various themes including all things German, American popular culture, donuts and political graphic art from around the world. This 32 page mini zine hopes to embrace all things German much as the U.S President John F. Kennedy aimed to do in his 1963 speech "Ich bin ein Berliner", which roughly translates as I am a jelly doughnut. The zine will feature in a visually graphic way, some of the rich culture and feel of Germany which charms so many and at the same time offering a witty perspective. This is the first issue of of an ongoing zine which I hope you will all enjoy.  It is completely hand made and printed by myself and hope to be able to distribute them across the UK and ROTW."

Link to Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/IchBinEinBerliner

Link to Twitter: @IBEberliner