Toothache, Issue 1: Change

Toothache, Issue 1: Change
Collaborative zine: Joseph Hargreaves; Ben Dawson; Kiera Chojecki; Asad Sheikh; Gabriel Wilson; Beth Atkins; Luca Scozzi; Meg Earls; Nicolo Goattin; Joshua Liles; Natasha O'Neill; Rosie Jordan Smith; Katie Loughrin.

Publishing Info:
A5 x 36 pages
Colour printing on white paper.
UK 2019

Collaborative zine themed around creative-urges containing narratives, photos and illustrations by 13 artists all responding to the theme 'change'.
The itch you can’t scratch. The need to be productive. The urge to create and some may say, similar to the pounding pain .. we are TOOTHACHE. (From website)
Link to Instagram: @toothachezine