Madonna (reversible) Whore

Madonna (reversible) Whore
Sarah Evenson

Publishing Info:
Minneapolis, USA, 2016
A5, 16 pages (reversible format)
Colour laser print.

“Digitally printed from original screen prints and graphite drawings. This reversible zine uses the two possible aspect rations of the book format to explore the two main archetypes of female representation in western art history. In redrawing the images by hand I imbue them with a new personality while engaging the traditional cornerstone of arts education: copying the masters. However the goal here isn’t to reproduce a quality or style, it’s to mock the cannon.”
Sarah Evenson (They/Them) is a genderqueer printmaker/illustrator/zinester whose colorful work explored gender, sexuality, the interplay of text and image in the creation of both humor and narrative, and the role narrative plays in the creation of personal and cultural identities.
Artist’s statement.
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