Section - Photograph and Frottage

Section - Photograph and Frottage (publication untitled and unsigned)
Peter Ainsworth

Publishing Info:
'Newspaper Club' publication
38cm x 30cm
16 pages, digitally printed in colour on newsprint
London, UK 2012

Description: Close-up photographs of concrete textures and pages of the rubbings from them.
No title or author's marks full page images with white border.
Peter Ainsworth is an artist and lecturer based in London, UK.  His recent work concentrates on the relationship between inorganic and organic structures as a way to explore how we see objects and indeed to inquire into a world where the human is not central to relations between things. He examines these concerns with reference to architectural forms and in particular to spaces that are often overlooked, areas that are on the peripheries of urban environments but without which the city would not fit together.
From Artist's website.

Link to Website:!newspapers/c1ts5

Spooky Woomb vol.2 The Heartbreak Issue

Spooky Woomb (vol.2 The Heartbreak Issue)
Sprankenstein and Lorna-Leigh Harrington

Featured artists:
Lorna-Leigh Harrington
Sarah Cochrane
Chloe Dowsett
Rheo Santana
Sophia Maria
Jackie Batey
Zoe Jackson
Alex Pook-Leary
Nessa Finnegan

Publishing Info:
UK 2016
Saddle stitched zine laser printed with card cover.
A5 portrait with 20 pages
Includes eyeball button badge.

Description: Second thematic volume about heartbreak and romance by a collective of female artists and illustrators.

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Confia16 - Presentation about art-zines.

I was really pleased to get my paper about art-zines accepted for Confia16.
The conference is on illustration and animation and this year its venue was the
lovely TEATRO GIL VICENTE in Barcelos, Portugal.
(I'll add a link to my paper, when it becomes available).

My presentation title:
Satirical zines about computers, apps and social media: Art-zines from the Zineopolis Collection. 

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