Art and Value: Does art change you? / What is art to you?

Art and Value: Does art change you? / What is art to you?
Beth Hopkins

Publishing Info:
Series of zines created as part of a research residency and exhibition called Art and Value at Bethlem Gallery, London UK The residency was from April-August 2019. Bethlem Gallery is based in the grounds of Bethlem Royal Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Beckenham. Zines were free for gallery visitors.

Consists of:
A5 x 12 page riso printed zine, 'Does Art Change You?'
A6 foldy riso printed zine 'What is Art to You?'
A5 'Art and Value' exhibition catalogue x 6 pages and A5 exhibition flyer.

"I had conversations with curators and artists at the gallery about what art means to them. From this I developed a series of questions to ask visitors, which were then pinned on the gallery wall. Questions included 'Is art a luxury?', 'How does art make you feel physically?', and 'How long should you look at a painting for and does it matter?'. People gave some amazing responses and because of the setting of the gallery inside a psychiatric hospital many of the answers related to art and mental health."
Beth Hopkins (from information accompanying the zines)

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