British Library Event: Zines as a resource for social history

It was great to be invited to give a presentation about Zineopolis at a Brisith Library Round Table Discussion yesterday.

Programme: Zines as a resource for social history
9 September 2016, 14:00 - 17:00 in the Eliot Room, British Library Conference Centre.
Hosted by Debbie Cox (Lead Curator of Contemporary British Publications) and Fearghus Roulston (PhD student working with the British Library's zine collection).

There were six speakers at this event
Thanks to Helen Byrne for the photos (Assistant Web Archivist, Contemporary British Published Collections)
  • Rebecca Claire-Binns Pop, Politics and Punk Fanzines (1976-84) 
  • Chris Warne French zines produced in the middle 1970s, as part of a broader shift from counter-cultural to punk sensibilities 

  • Jackie Batey Zineopolis and how an art-zine collection can support research

  • Bill Osgerby Missing Pages - Subcultures and Some (Very) Early Zine Scenes

  • David Wilkinson 'I Wanna See Some History': Fanzines as a Resource for Academic and Popular Research
  • Fearghus Roulston on zines, the archive and boredom (also the event organiser)
A great afternoon some fascinating conversations and lots to think about.
Thanks to Fearghus and Debbie for organising everything.