Catalyst (Self Made Hero Graphic Anthology Programme)

Catalyst - Self Made Hero Graphic Anthology Programme
Edited by Ayoola Solarin / Cover art by Sajan Rai / Designed by Txabi Jones

Publishing Info:
London, 2022
Paperback with flaps, 112 pp
19cm x 25 cm

Stories by Asia Alfasi, Charlotte Bailey, Jason Chuang, Dominique Duong, Catherine Anyango Grünewald, Shuning Ji, Pris Lemons, Sonia Leong, Calico N.M., Tyrell Osborne and Woodrow Phoenix.
Collecting stories from a range of artists of colour across the UK, this comics anthology unites their voices under a single theme: 'catalyst'. In one story, the accidental witnessing of a horrific scene turns a regular day into a nightmare; in another, the truth of what it really took to put a man on the moon is revealed. From tales of misplaced memories to battles with the id, Catalyst offers a look at the consequences of big and small acts alike. Showcasing a mix of established and emerging artists, this collection imagines the myriad ways in which a chain of events might end in either euphoria or catastrophe. Sometimes both. (excerpt from publisher's website)

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Mashu (The): An Observers Guidebook

The Mashu: An Observers Guidebook
Matt Farmer

Publishing Info:
Portsmouth, UK 2022
A5 print-on-demand, perfect bound

This was the outcome of Matt's MA Illustration project, to create a humorous book, The Mashu: An Observers Guidebook.
This book provides information and observations about a species of small creatures called the Mashu who like to explore and play, presenting the fictional creatures as if they were a real part of the world, with the aim of reminding adults to take time to have fun and look after their mental health which is particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
It is an A5 book with text alongside field sketches of the Mashu and photos of them in their natural habitats. These were created by photographing sculpted models which were then manipulated in Adobe Photoshop.
Matt Farmer is a freelance illustrator based in Portsmouth, UK. His work endeavours to bring playfulness and imagination back into adult life.

Handout, issues 1-6

Handout, Issues 1-6
Editor Joel Chaffee

Publishing Info:
Charity Case Publishing, Issues 1-6 (2008-2013)
Brooklyn, NY, USA and New York, USA
A4 black and white on various lined paper stock
Saddle-stitched separate sheets between 10 -20 pages for each issue.
Edition of 100

Zine covers topics such as fiction, essays, short humour, visual art, interviews, and poetry. Mostly by Brooklyn-based artists.