Many More Cats I Have Known / Nekorama vol.3 / Mini Purrzine (set of three)

Many More Cats I Have Known (2018) / Nekorama vol.3 (2020) / Mini Purrzines (2022)
Satori Kurosawa

Publishing Info:
Cat bundle consisting of five zines.
Place of publication is not specified
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Many More Cats I Have Known is an A6 sized, color photo zine that features over 50 cats known to the author. This zine is a sequel to the "Cats I Have Known" and comprises 76 pages of snapshots and personal comments about cats that the author encountered while out and about. The zine is in the style of a perzine, which means that it contains personal stories and experiences of the author with cats.

Nekorama vol.3 is a 20-page A5 black and white zine that was released in 2020. This zine features a large collection of cats that have appeared in books/manga, cat comics, a peep hole, cat idioms, and quizzes. The zine is printed on heavy white cartridge paper, Inside, you will find a range of content that is both informative and fun. The zine features several pages dedicated to famous cats from books and manga, providing a glimpse into the rich and varied world of feline literature.

Mini Purrzine (set of three):
Tugboat aka TamTam / Rumbelow aka Rummy / The Day the Angels Came to my House.

The three mini foldy zines showcase the author's own cats. The zines are in the form of photo comics and drawings and were exhibited in a Cat Art exhibition in Mumbai, India in 2020. Each zine provides a glimpse into the daily lives of the author's cats and their unique personalities. All proceeds from the sale of these zines go to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, which is where the author's cats originally came from.

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Concrete Dilemma, (A)

Concrete Dilemma, (A)

Amber Hanson

Publishing Info:
7cm x 10cm (depth 2.5cm) plastic box
Contents are 32 laminated cards
London, 2022

The pack contains 32 cards, each measuring the size of a business card. The cards are made of laminated paper with photographic collages of South East London landscapes. The fragments are abstract and photocopied to create a unique aesthetic. The transparent plastic container is also the size of a business card, making it easy to carry around.
The South East London Photographic Collage Cards can be used as a creative tool for inspiration, brainstorming, or as a game. The cards can be shuffled and rearranged to create new landscapes, providing endless possibilities for artistic expression.