Make a Foldy Zine

This is probably the easiest Zine to make - The Foldy.

Follow these 7 steps to make a Foldy Zine.

1. Select a paper size - this will fold-down to an eight of the original size. A folded A3 sheet of paper will result in an A6 booklet, but you can use any size or shape of paper.

2. Fold in half.

3. Fold the paper in half once again, vertically.

4. Open-out flat and refold the end fold back on itself, so the direction of the folds looks like the image above.

5. Fold in half again horizontally, really rub down the folds to make them sharp.

6. Unfold and lay flat - cut neatly across the central two folds as shown above.

7. This is the tricky bit - fold the paper in half, with the cut at the top, push the cut open into a diamond shape then fold the booklet into itself,  see the images above.

You can easily make a Foldy Zine by printing on one size of the page only, see the layout guide below.
An A4 sheet will make an A6 zine. You could print something else, like a poster on the reverse size as a bonus.