Send us yours

Follow the link above for more info and a sequence of making a zine...
It's an A5 black and white document, so you can download and photocopy cheaply.

We'd love to receive your Art-Zines, if you send us a copy, we'll add your zine to the collection and list it on the website.

Post to the address below:

Zineopolis c/o Jac Batey
School of Art and Design
Eldon Building
University of Portsmouth
Winston Churchill Avenue
Portsmouth PO1 2DJ
United Kingdom

We are looking for zines that are heavily illustrated or more art & design-based, known as Art-Zines. The content could be anything, humour, social commentary, politics, music, science fiction, comics, narratives, or made-up.

Contact me if you'd like any further information about what we're collecting. We would also be interested in work from art students and younger zine makers too!