Tapestry (Billedvev)

Tapestry (Billedvev)
Lee Shearman

Publishing Info:
16-page A6-sized zine
Four colour Risograph printed on 140gsm recycled paper
Hand-cut 4mm rounded corners
Pamphlet stitched with sunflower-coloured molnlycke spun sunflower-coloured polyester thread
Portsmouth, UK, 2023

This zine is a homage to the rich history of the Jacquard loom, drawing inspiration from the user manuals that were once essential guides to its complex operation. It weaves together the technical terms, processes, and iconography of the loom with collaged mechanisms, diagrams, and illustrations to create abstract pages of textures and language.
"This zine continues my exploration of early forms of computing and codification, some of which paved the way for the intricate woven patterns of tapestry, brocade, and damask. Just as the Jacquard attachment allowed looms to produce these stunning fabrics, so too did the development of punched cards and other forms of code allow for the creation of visual and audio sequences and patterns." (Lee Sherman)
Link to author's website: https://www.leeshearman.com/