The Future: A One Day Zine


The Future: A One Day Zine
Luke Johnson aka. Lulu Johnson

Publishing Info:
A6 black and white photocopier
Side-stapled, Portsmouth, UK, 2023

Black and white pages of created collages from craft paper, magazines and maps. Drawing in graphic pen, paint and ink.
"I made The Future for our group Social Awareness project as an experimental Zine so that I could test out some materials, typography, and page layouts. I made The Future from start to finish in one day as I wanted to challenge myself to see what I was capable of making in a short time frame. It's early in the project so our group doesn't have a Social Awareness theme yet, so I went for a loose theme of the future as by using creative outputs to tackle social awareness issues, we are inevitability trying to change the future for the better. I brought the zine to our tutorial and gave each of the group a copy for their sketchbooks, hopefully it will help us create a successful collaborative zine for this project." 
(Lulu Johnson)